Hip Implants - Fatigue Testing according to ISO 7206-4 and ISO 7206-6

Questmed performs testing of fatigue and durability of hip implants (total hip arthroplasty or THA) in compliance with ISO 7206-4 and ISO 7206-6.

Questmed GmbH - Hip Implants Testing according ISO 7206-4 and ISO 7206-6

Hip - Test methods

In our test lab we also perform the following test methods:
  • ASTM F1820 "Determining the Forces for Disassembly of Modular Acetabular Devices"
  • ASTM F2068 "Standard Specification for Femoral Prostheses"
  • ISO 21535 "Specific requirements for hip-joint replacement implants"
  • ISO 7206-1 "Partial and total hip joint prostheses — Part 1: Classification and designation of dimensions"
  • "Endurance properties of prosthesis stems with torsional loading"

Hip implant - Geometric data and classification as specified in ISO 7206-1