Finger - Wear and Fatigue Testing

Questmed GmbH offers mechanical testing for wear and fatigue of finger endoprosthesis:
  • PIP - proximal interphalangeal joint,
  • MCP - metacarpophalangeal joint,
  • TMC - trapeziometacarpal joint,
  • CMC - carpometacarpal joint.

Finger implant PIP.
Wear test is running at 37°C in calf serum (protein content 20 g/l).
PIP and MCP wear is tested with 90 degree flexion under constant load.
Thumb (TMC / CMC) wear is tested with ± 25 degree flexion and ± 15 degree rotation under constant load.
Our finger wear simulator is available with three test stations.

Finger fatigue test system used by Questmed GmbH with peripheral devices.
The endurance properties of finger joint components are determined at 5 million cycles of excentric sinusoidal dynamic loading.
To investigate the static forces to push the samples out of artificial bone material five samples are recommended.
Our finger fatigue test system is available with multiple test stations.

Additionally we perform Nickel leaching and Corrosion testing according ASTM F3306 and ASTM F2129.